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Dhunia of Mohandas ji is the place where the holy fire lit by the great Lord Hanuman devotee Mohandas ji is still burning. Hindu devotees and pilgrims take holy ashes from here. Sri Mohan Mandir is situated very close to the Balaji temple and it is popular because the footprints of Mohandasji and Kanidadi are found there. This place is supposed to be the Samadhi-Sthal of both these holy devotees. A continuous paath of the Ramayan has been taking place here for the last eight years. In the temple premises of Lord Balaji, Akhand Hari Kirtan or the continuous chanting of the Rama name has been continuing for the last 20 years. Temple of Anjani Mata is situated two kilometers away from Salasar Dham towards Laxmangarh. Anjani Mata was the mother of Lord Hanuman or Balaji. Gudavadi Shyam temple is also within a kilometer of the Salasar Dham. Two bullock carts from the times of Mohan Dasji are placed here within the Balaji Mandir premises. Shayanan Mata Mandir, which is situated about 15 km from here on a unique hillock in the desert area is supposed to be about 1100 years old and is worth visiting too.

The festival of Sri Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on Chaitra Shukla Chaturdashi and Purnima every year. Lacs of devotees arrive here on the occasion of Sri Hanuman Jayanti from every corner of India. Fairs are organized on Ashvin Shukla Chaturdashi and Purnima and devotees turn out in huge numbers for these fairs too. Fairs on Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturdashi and Purnima are also as attractive as the rest of the fairs. Free food, sweets and drinks are distributed on these occasions.